Not sure if anyone ever reads this page so I’ll keep it short, simple, and keep it as “me” as I can be 


If you haven’t met me yet you’re in for a wild ride. During your session we can talk about anything from: dogs (obviously), to the meaning of life, best types of food, the level of corruption and fear-based media influence surrounding us at all times, snowboarding, best places to hike/camp, ALIENS, gym routines, memes, sobriety, or good ol’ story time… the list goes on forever. The goal during our session is to have the best time we possibly can while you're still being stabbed repeatedly. Maybe you’ll even forget you’re being tattooed, or fall asleep. Yes, that does happen!

As far back as I remember I’ve been an art nerd and can not express how elated I am to have finally found the media I had been searching for; tattooing! It’s not like anything else I’ve had the pleasure of using for artistic expression and can’t thank you guys enough for allowing me to continue to practice my passion with your ideas on your canvas (aka YOU). Outside of tattooing I thoroughly enjoy hiking, hugging trees, playing with my dog, snowboarding, working out, cuddling my dog, enjoying the sun by hiding in the shadows, learning how to cook, drawing, revolting against injustice, reading, petting my dog, traveling (RIP travelling), not watching the news, and just appreciating being alive! 


I wouldn’t be here without my strong family base with their infinite love and support, so thank-you to my parents and brothers for helping me grow into the person and artist I am today.

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$200/hour + 5% tax


deposit: $200

*comes off the last session of your tattoo appointment