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Not sure if anyone ever reads this page so I'm going to be painfully authentic for those with eyes to see.


If you haven’t met me yet you’re in for a wild ride. The past couple years have sent me deep into my own spiritual journey of self discovery which has brought out an intense passion to observe and question everything... there is always a 98% chance you'll be pulled into whatever philosophical confusion that is consuming my consciousness at any given time! Learning how to acknowledge the importance of life's lessons and how integrate them into our every day lives is a welcome challenge to ponder and implement. If we are in "earth school" to learn and evolve ourselves in alignment of our personalized missions, why not share our own experiences to share what we are learning from a place of love and non-judgement?

During your session we can talk about anything from: dogs (obviously), to the meaning of life, best types of food, how wack reality can be, snowboarding, best places to hike/camp, star seeds, personality types, gym routines, memes, sobriety, or good ol’ story time… the list goes on forever. Spending countless hours with me is not for the feint of heart- with the intense energy exchange that can come from the sacred art of tattooing can ignite a lot of self-actualization and deep introspection... so if that resonates please shoot me an email and let's ignite evolution in each other!

I cherish and acknowledge the beauty and divinity in everyone that arrives in the studio- thank you for wanting to share time and space with me. The studio will always be a safe space with no judgement or discrimination, only love and compassion!

Looking forward to connecting and creating something beautiful!



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oh, joy!

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