After living most of my 27 years in Calgary, AB, I was finally able to permanently relocate to lovely Kelowna in 2016 to practice and improve my craft of tattooing. I am currently a resident artist at Third Son Tattoo. With a mother working in graphic design, and my father with musical talents, I have always been lucky enough to be surrounded by inspiration to create art in every way that I could. In high school, I completed over half of the needed credits to graduate with a diploma in art, photography, and graphic design courses. Art is life!

Immediately after high school, I was accepted by studios in Toronto and Calgary to begin my tattooing adventure with an apprenticeship. Over the past six years, I have worked in many shops with many amazing and talented artists to work on my technique and figure out my tattoo identity. These past two years have been the most influential after I discovered the blackwork and dotwork styles of tattooing; now I just want to tattoo these styles forever!

Blackwork is usually mono-coloured or duo-coloured with heavy contrast using skin breaks as contrast points. It focuses on very clean line-work as well as pointillism/dotwork, and whip-shading with heavy black.​ As of late 2017, I am solely tattooing blackwork and dotwork.


The act of helping people achieve their most desired artwork permanently on their bodies is something I can never get enough of! I look forward to working with you to create your own personal masterpiece.

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$180/hour + 5% tax



$105 - small/medium projects

$210 - large projects

$315 - extra-large projects

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