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Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this VERY IMPORTANT information regarding ​the new protocol being applied to reopen during this pandemic! Some of these new rules are not very different from how we normally run, but there are a few that are new and ALL are mandatory

1. All consultations will be done online. This isn't too different than normal, but if there does need to be some face-to-face consultations we can set up a Zoom meeting!

2. EVERYONE (including staff) must take the BCCDC provided self- assessment test before coming in for the appointment. If you fail the test I have no problem rebooking you; just want to make sure everyone is safe and healthy!

3. There will be no family or friends allowed to accompany you during your appointment.

It will just be you and I and a fun stabby time!

4. You must wash your hands upon arrival, as well as periodically throughout the tattoo.

There will be hand sanitizer provided to double up on the clean!

5. Masks are now mandatory for both you and I. I encourage you bring your own stylish mask, but I will also have some disposable masks to provide if you don't have one.

6. If you are sick, have been out of province in the past 14 days, or have come into contact with someone that has been ill, I will gladly rebook you with no penalty to your deposit!

I will not tattoo anyone that does not pass the BCCDC self assessment test or shows any symptoms.

7. I will contact you the morning of/ day before your appointment so we can go over our self-assessment tests and make sure we are both healthy and ready to add some awesome art to you!

If you have any questions/concerns regarding any of this please feel free to ask!


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