My business works on a strong morale of equality and non-discrimination.

Vaccine status does NOT need to be disclosed out of respect for your human rights.

I choose to live in love and light instead of fear and hate - so please inquire if you feel similarly!

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* As projects are completed, space for new projects emerge.

If you feel that we would work well together and you want to send through your idea with no attachment to an outcome, please do!

For 2022 I am looking to focus on projects where I can have creative freedom to explore nature, sacred geometry, metaphysical beauty, third-eye work, inter-galactic travel, and healing. It's time to focus on the beauty and abundance around us!

Please send an email to with the following information:


First and Last Name:

Phone #:

Preferred day of the week: (Tuesday to Friday)

Placement of tattoo:

Budget (rate is $200/hour):

Size in inches or cm (if applicable):

Tattoo Concept:

Please attach any reference pics you may have!

To confirm, I am NOT currently booking as my roster is FULL and there are NO guarantees that there will be space available to tattoo- occasionally the timing aligns.