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Kelowna 2023


Books open at 9AM PST TODAY | 12/12/2022

Priority will be given to unique blackwork pieces.

I am only working Mon-Thurs until 06/20/2023.

After that I am relocating to Calgary, AB.

Rate is $200/hour.

Cash and e-transfer are only accepted forms of payment.

* please read the FAQ below before booking for full details *

To apply for an appointment, click here and fill in the subject line with your name and "LAST SHOT KELOWNA 2023" (ex. Krista Evans: LAST SHOT KELOWNA 2023). In the body of the e-mail, please copy and paste, "Hi Joy, life is crazy but at least there are dogs." and hit send! After you send the e-mail, you will get an auto-response with all of the booking questions that you will need to fill out and send back to me. The silly phrase is mandatory as it shows me that instructions were read!

Thank you so much for all of your support!

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